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Free America Now (from Israelites)

Free America Now! Prosecute Israelites of America!!

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Re: Arab Nationalism

Bruce wrote:

"It is OUR Israel!! It was created by OUR United Nations ."


"Our" United Nations...???? You said that right, Bruce !! The UN is merely a puppet of the greedy and power hungry western civilizations. Makes me angry and makes my skin crawl from all the lies..........

I admired the guts and courage of Ahmadinejad and Chavez when they spoke the truth to the UN about the U.S. and the Bush administration and its lies, greed, and bullying of Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, and other countries of the Middle East and the world.

Who else spoke the truth ?? No one !! Not even the U.S. media that cheaply decried the "unforgivable offense" of these two leaders that had the "audacity" to come on "American soil" and speak the horrid truth about the lieing Bush thugs.

It brought back memories of Nikita Khrushchev when he spoke at the UN and banged his shoe on the table.

If the leaders of the world cannot speak the truth at the UN because it is on American soil then move the UN to an island that is not owned by any nation !!


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Re: Arab Nationalism

That¡¦s why you deserve gas chamber. You are a party to the most painful and slow motion Israeli Holocaust in Palestine.

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It is OUR Israel!! It was created by OUR United Nations

Cheers Bruce

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Re: Arab Nationalism

"We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the Lords." - Dr. Kurt Munzer, The Way to Zion.

Re: Arab Nationalism

"Our" Israel... ?? I don't think so.....

That is not quite the way I look at Israel. Israel may be "Your" Israel, but it is not "MY" Israel. I do not see Israel as my adopted child or that of my country. Israel is NOT my burden, and the U.S. should not be burdened with taking care of Israel the rest of its life .... That is B.S. !!


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Arab Nationalism

Israel is not perfect. Far from it. It is a normal state which is concerned with its own self-interests and sometimes it does things which are not popular nor does it seem progressive. But in spite of all that, warts and all, it is still our Israel - because when push comes to shove Israel must be there for Jews. 2,000 years of persecution and hate propaganda by Antisemites has been
the cruel teacher of that lesson.

"Wandering in a desert that with very few exceptions defied the organization of government due to its barren environment, the dominant identification of Arabs was not any form of nationhood but rather the closely knit tribe. Tribalism defined everything; the family, friends, and foes. Any group of settlement outside the tribe was fair game." (Edwin Black, "Banking on Baghdad" 2004)

As Black points out in his book Arabs had reputations as "traders and raiders." And that is how they interacted with the Hebrews in Israel, as traders and as plunderers. The Arabs in the area which is now Israel were mostly Arabs who were Bedouin travelers.

"Bedouins were fond of GHAZU, that is audacious marauding, killing the men in other settlements, kidnapping their wives, and stealing their animals....Ghazu was also a de facto means of Bedouin survival in the parched Arabian climes, where the possessions of others were capriciously---almost routinely---pilfered and plundered as a lifestyle." (Black)

Palestinian nationalism was a fiction. The nationalism was pan-Arab and pan-Islam. There was (is) no greater nationalism than that which exists for ALL of the region as one Muslim nation. It is their religious belief. The HAMAS charter even states it. It is an integral component of the Islamic Resistance Movement, that pan-Islam is integral to their religious belief, to Islamism.

Peace for Palestinians is the Destruction of Israel - Nothing else will do. The mere existence of Israel has been considered a NAKBA; a "calamity", a "holocaust" (Iranian journalist Amir Taheri, "The Caldron:The Middle East Behind the Headlines" (1988)

"Israel was Jewish, democratic, largely western, socialistic and
independent............Israel gradually became the major, if not the only, unifying factor in Arab politics." (Taheri)


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