Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Do You Think They Are Condemned?

Do You Think They Are Condemned?

One in four people is a Muslim.

Yet, people of certain religion who used get protection from Muslims are maintaining their tradition and stabbing at the back of Islam and Muslims mercilessly for their alleged grievance i.e. European crimes!

Anyway the funny part is that people of that particular religion love to insult others. However, when people of other religions justifiably point finger back at them they can not tolerate them!

They even do not understand they are less than 0.001% population of the world despite the fact that their religion is older than Islam and Christianity.

Anyway, these types of naked aggression and intolerance are noted by most the people and no one can deny consequence of such a rage.

I am sure this question will get reported by the evil Report Monkeys liked all other good question and answers! But, I will ask it for the sake of free speech and fair debate.

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