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Faruque Ahmed vs Radio Terrorists

Faruque Ahmed vs Radio Terrorists

Statement of Facts re: Matter No: 051058 (Faruque Ahmed vs Radio 2GB/Macquarie Radio Network)
By Fax – Tuesday, 6th December 2005

1. I was a long-standing and valued contributor of Radio 2GB. I used to speak on average at least 6 times a week. Radio 2 GB’s own records will substantiate my claims contrary to the mean spirited and evasive 11th June 2002 letter of Ms. Merryn Vincent.
2. Things changed since the election of Arial Sharon, appointment of a New York Public Relations agent to spin for Israel and I went on to expose Israeli war crimes and genocide's in 2GB.
3. Firstly Jim Ball and then other announcers of 2GB falsely started to claim, “we can not put you on the air because of your poor English …. “ yet they did exactly that after 12 years of my contribution with compliment rather than complaint. As I mentioned earlier, Jim Ball and his “Jewish” wife praised me on air on many occasions. However, 2GB changed it’s attitude and refused to give me air time consistent with reasons mentioned in point “2”.
4. Since then, radio 2GB has changed it’s format and went on to incite against Muslims, Arabs, migrants and Aboriginals without any valid evidence or reasons as well as without providing a democratic right of reply. My original two complaints, a number of correspondences between Jim Ball and an independent academic and other available materials of 2GB will clearly substantiate my claim. Tellingly, for predictable reasons the 2GB staff, management and their legal team are desperately doing everything in their power to hide this strategy.
5. Certainly, I would like to cross-examine Ms. Merryn Vincent and Jim Ball to establish the truth and verify a few contradictory claims made in their legal submission and affidavit. I am surprised by the total absence of Jim Ball in the legal procedure and I am getting very suspicious about the reasons and grounds behind the earnest desire of the 2GB legal team to shield Jim Ball who has after all perpetrated the offence in the first place.
6. During the last hearing (5th of September 2005) the 2GB legal team failed to tell the truth. In fact they lied! They said, “we have delivered our legal submission and affidavit to you by courier … “. They also refused to give me a copy of those documents-at that time. I have to stress a few points here. Firstly, they knew I have changed my address and after all they had communicated with me at my new addresses. If their claim regarding an attempt to deliver the “materials” by courier is correct or half correct then the courier MUST have informed them that they did not deliver the documents to me that is to say- to myself or anyone at all for that matter! Therefore they should have refrained from making a false claim at the Tribunal in the first instance- and should have delivered them at the earliest opportunity with an apology. However, with reluctance they gave me those documents and pressed me firmly to absorb them and cross-examine Ms. Vincent. It was not an honest exercise by the 2GB legal team and a very unfair burden to me. They also, made every attempt to take advantage of a serious medical condition of mine at the time. Sadly, they also attacked my integrity over a statutory declaration (original attached).
7. In order to establish the truth, I have been attempting to use available 2GB materials as they are broadcasted on air- and are public materials anyway. In such a pursuit I’ve faxed the 2GB legal team to provide me with audiotapes on 18th July 2005. However, arbitrarily they refused to provide any of them.
8. The 2GB management and legal team¹s evasive behavior, false statements in the Tribunal and cruel personal attacks on me are consistent with their staff¹s and radio announcer¹s deliberate agendas based as they are on false and manufactured evidence.
9. 2GB¹s management and legal team's submission and affidavit and requested materials are essential to my need to verify matters in a fashion that meets basic yard -sticks of natural justice. Their point - blank refusal to deliver those materials is obstructionist the least. For an example, Jim Ball is not an academic, he did not discuss those objectionable and offensive materials for the purpose of research and analysis as he has been doing so every day- without providing what could by any fair minded person be considered a proportionally representative quantum of right of reply. Most of Ball's agenda and diatribe is squarely based on false and engineered grounds inexorably leading to detrimental sentiment against the abovementioned groups.
10. I would like to claim and many would agree with me the fact that my activism leads to my being instrumental to many reforms and improvements- such as in the Sydney taxi industry- like taxi driver safety initiatives, vehicular quality, keeping the taxi fares at a low rate, removing unfair $1.00 Flag fall etc. etc. For all of those actions and initiatives, talk back radio played a useful and commendable role. My speech diction is reasonable and known. They are generally supported by many people in the community and eventually the print and other sections of the media and politicians used to accept them. My isolation from being able to communicate on - air with the Jim Ball Mid - night To Dawn Show made it difficult to carry on those good works and such a deliberate and discriminatory isolation is unconscionable the least if not entirely illegal.
11. Jim Ball's pattern of behavior, deliberation, style, point - blank refusal to a right of reply and continuous usage of the faulty Zionist source materials to attack Muslims, migrants, Aboriginals and Arabs despite repeated requests/warnings are obviously in line with his Zionist beliefs or possibly limited to his personal relationships with other people. Either way, those types of behavior and practices are dangerous and divisive for any society.
12. The materials requested in the “summons” are to establish the truth and stop the 2GB lies. I did not know that I have to be present on any day at a particular place regarding the summons. No one told me to do so as well. 2GB’s refusal to provide these and other materials- requested before- establishes a pattern of obstructionist behavior of a deliberately evasive nature.
13. Radio 2GB and it’s reckless shock - jocks who have been railing against Muslims, Arabs, migrants and Aboriginals without any valid evidence without providing a right of reply. We are all 2GB’s long-term victims. Like many others, I am looking for justice with extreme patience. Seeking such a justice is not a crime and no one deserves to be penalised by any ones cruel agenda driven indulgence.
14. On Wednesday, 15th of June 2005, the Honorable Tribunal Member asked me whether I was interested in a settlement of the matter. I responded by expressing a desire for any reasonable outcome with or without arbitration. However, the arrogant 2GB team's point - blank refusal for any settlement at that time, before or after should not now prejudice any other person- or me, whatever the outcome might be.
15. 2GB announcers, staffs, management and legal team knew very well about my “race”, “ethnicity”, “Religion” or “ethno religious” status. They used them over the last four years to discriminate me. 2GB legal team¹s deliberate and dishonest “nit picking” and “semantics” should not be standing in between justice and fairness. I therefore request this Tribunal to order; A. Radio 2GB staffs, management and radio announcers to refrain from discriminating against people of my back ground mentioned in point “4” due to reasons mentioned in point “15” and other points, B. Radio 2GB staffs, management and radio announcers to refrain from vilifying against people of my back ground mentioned in point “4” due to reasons mentioned in point “15” and other points, C. Radio 2GB staffs, management and radio announcers to refrain from inciting against people of my back ground mentioned in point “4” due to reasons mentioned in point “15” and other points as well as D. Like any body else I should be allowed to express myself in radio 2GB without any prejudice whatsoever.

Sincerely yours
Faruque Ahmed


Osama B Laden said...

Your points are valid and clear.

Anonymous said...

This proves that the Media In Australia is double standard ,prejudiced,racist out of control of the government. The media authority is corrupted. No wonder why in Australia there are fewer radio and TV channels than other countries. Because the media mafia wants to have the monopoly over people for the interests of some people with extreme views. This usually leads to hatred and anti- democratic insults based on prejudice. This is what the so-called western democracy or capitalism is.